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Locally owned, serving Savannah for over 20 years. We offer a wide variety of games and accessories. Stop by today!

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About Us


Stop in and see our large selection of Euro-style board games, Magic the Gathering products and singles, Games Workshop, Hero Clix,  Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, tons of other RPGs, Flames of War, Pokemon, Star Wars, Star Trek, used comics, paints, brushes, and much, much more.

In Store Gaming!

Wednesdays: Board Game night; bring your favs or check one out of our in store library.

Thursdays: MtG Commander League and casual Commander play.

Fridays: FNM booster drafts start around 5pm. 

Saturdays: Standard MtG tourney at 1pm. Hero Clix and other miniature games are played as well.

Sundays: Miniature gaming starting at noon. Table space on first come, first serve basis. Organized tourneys and events take priority over pick up games. 

We have plenty of gaming options  6 days a week. Stop by the store for more details.

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Morningstar Games

30 W Montgomery Xrd, Savannah, Georgia 31406, United States

(912) 927-2770


Check out our Facebook page: Morningstar Gaming for new product pics and upcoming events