Welcome to Morningstar Games in Savannah, GA

Locally owned for over 20 years. Conveniently located on Montgomery Cross Rd between Abercorn and White Bluff. 

About Us



Stop in and see our large selection of Euro-style board games, Magic the Gathering products and singles, the wall of Games Workshop products, Hero Clix,  Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Starfinder, tons of other RPGs, Flames of War, Pokemon, Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek, used comics, paints, supplies, and much, much more.


In Store Gaming!

Wednesdays: Open gaming. We co-host a board game night at Bowtie Barbeque located at 6724 Waters Ave every week from 5-9:30pm. Demos and giveaways, as well as great food!

Thursdays: MtG Commander League and casual Commander play starts at 6pm..

Fridays: FNM booster drafts start around 5pm. 

Saturdays: Standard MtG tourney at 1pm. Hero Clix and other miniature games are played as well.

Sundays: Miniature gaming starting at noon. Table space on first come, first serve basis. Organized tourneys and events take priority over pick up games. 

We have plenty of gaming options  6 days a week. Stop by the store for more details.

Contact Us

Morningstar Games

30 W Montgomery Xrd, Savannah, Georgia 31406, United States

(912) 927-2770


Check out our Facebook page: Morningstar Games & Comics for new product pics and upcoming events